Shortcut to a better brand

The Keystrokes logo refers to the Command key on the Apple keyboard, mainly known as the basis for many shortcuts. Less familiar is the origin of this sign as a symbol for signposting to castles in Northern Europe. And let this be a metaphor for what Keystrokes stands for: solid as an old fortress and short lines between client and executor.

Another origin of the command character is the Bowen knot, a heraldic knot used in some heraldic weapons. The colors in the logo stand for versatility.

Depending on your wishes and assignments, we bring together a tailor-made team from our network, never useless overhead costs. That is why Keystrokes is the shortcut to a better brand’.

Getting to know each other? We would love to do that! With a cup of coffee, online or by phone on +31 33 23 40 500.


For example, for restyling or setting up a brand, we determine with you what is needed and which professionals from our network can help with this. Or do you need an advertisement or a PowerPoint template? A new website, a brochure, or an annual report? Due to short lines and direct switching, we can focus on fast and good results. That is more pleasant for you and more fun for us. We go for the ultimate goal: taking care of the crown of your brand!

Fast, solid, and together… That’s the shortcut to a better brand.

Key Players

Keystrokes consist of Jack Waas and Etiènne Staal. With our many years of experience in advertising, we are professional and flexible. We work from our studio but can also work on location. In addition to ourselves, we can also deploy other experts for each field: desktop publishers, graphic designers, illustrators, image editors, PowerPoint and Keynote professionals, photographers, videographers, copywriters (English, Dutch, and German), and translators. For web development, we work closely with an internet agency Label Vier and other (printing) professionals.


A selection of projects. Keystrokes worked on clients such as Allergy Therapeutics Netherlands, Philips, Nike, Global PETS, Intermedium Publishers, AutoLease Support, No Panic, The Others, Vimpelcom, Your Own Leader, Design Bridge, Ruytershove, and Lift2Move. 


Getting to know each other? We would love to do that! With a cup of coffee, online or by phone on +31 33 23 40 500.

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